‘If you can’t tie good knots, tie plenty of them.’ – Gary Jobson

Learn the Art of the Knot

Knots are as old as civilization itself. It was a skill used by crafsmen, builders, sailors, and soldiers to shape the world we live in now. Very few knots can be traced back to their origins, and many are thousands of years old.

While there are over 3,800 types of recorded knots (and an infite posibilty in terms of mathematical variations), the average person doesn’t need to know all of them. Most people in the modern world can go through their entire life knowing only a couple knots. However, the more knots you know, the better you will be prepared for the time when you need to lift an object or tie something down, and you can be confident that your knots will hold because you are able to use the correct knot for that particular situation.

The Art of the Knot is dedicated to teaching the ancient art of knot tying!